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If you have questions related to the Corona Virus, I'm glad to help.

Are you not sure if Yoga or Pilates is for you? 

Give yourself a trial lesson to find out. :)


trial lesson:

Pilates: Private lesson just for you 60 min (also with equipment) for only 55.- CHF

Yoga: Private lesson just for you 90 min. for only 75.- CHF (with professional midwife consultation)

Pregnancy Yoga open classes: 25 CHF / 1,5 hours

No subscription you come when you have time :)

About "In You"

"I have a dream" - because it does matter how we are born!

My dream is...

... that every woman can get back into her feminine energy and into the basic trust to give birth to her baby with her own       


... that every woman can experience a self-determined birth.

... that every woman can give birth in an environment where she feels safe, secure and "at home".

... that every baby can be welcomed into this world in love and security.

... that every baby may see the light of this world in a beautiful, warm environment.

... that every baby gets time to arrive undisturbed in the arms of mum and dad in this world.

... that we all may celebrate the miracle of this life at a birth and that birth is a beautiful, joyful start into Life.
...that every woman regains her strength after giving birth.

...that each couple, with help and patience, grows into the new role of mother and father

a holistic approach around the birthing process 

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." 

Antoine de Saint Exupéry - der kleine Prinz 

Susanne Whyte | 078 653 41 99 | | Schweiz

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