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On-Call Midwife

What actually is a on-call midwife?

As a certified midwife I accompany you before, during and after birth. This enables a holistic support with prenatal care, 1:1 care during birth and after birth by the midwife of your choice. In this way we get to know each other before birth, which enables a more personal and safe care. 

Since 2008 I have been a freelance midwife in hospitals and with experience in home birthing.

I am currently helping women during birth in the FMI hospital in Interlaken. Together with the midwives Angela Schneider and Jeannine Kipfer-Balmer, I form a team of 3, who will personally accompany you throughout the birth. You choose a midwife as your special contact person.

We focus on a self-determined birth with 1:1 care.

The all-round care also includes prenatal care, which I am happy to carry out in alternation with your gynaecologist. For these you can come to the midwife center of myself and the home birth midwife Andrea Gertsch at Aarmühlestrasse 4, 3800 Interlaken. I also offer private birth preparation for couples.

After birth I can visit you and your baby at home and take care that you and your partner have a good start into the new phase of life. I accompany you from breastfeeding to recovery and help you and your partner with the handling of the baby.


Most costs are covered by the health insurance. There is only a small one-off flat rate for the midwife (CHF450.-). This flat rate is for round-the-clock readiness for birth and is partially or completely covered by some health insurance companies.

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