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Yoga (inclusive Hebammenberatung bei Schwangerschaft)

Yoga is a method to harmonize body, mind and soul, but actually Yoga is much more. Yoga can accompany you through your whole life to be more mindful to yourself and your environment.  

Through physical exercises, breathing, meditation and relaxation Yoga can support you very well to prepare physically as well as mentally for birth (as well as for life) - according to the principle "In You" - Everything begins within you.


Yoga has accompanied me my whole life. Since 2012 I have been a certified Yoga teacher with Yoga Vidya and Akhanda Yoga and have already attended many further training courses in the field of meditation.

My offers:

  •  Private lesson: (90 min. incl. relaxation) 135.- CHF

  • 2 persons (90 min. incl. relaxation) 66.- CHF

  • Small group: 3 / 4 persons (90 min. incl. relaxation) 45.- / 35.- CHF

  • Open pregnancy yoga course: 25 CHF (90 minutes, without subscription, you come when you have time and desire)

  • Birth preparation yoga on request (private lessons, duo or trio: birth position, breathing techniques, perception exercises, feeling exercises, contact with the baby ... and much more :)

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