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Some infos about me

Susanne Whyte

After the first birth during my internship in a maternity ward in Germany, I knew immediately that I wanted to accompany this miracle again and again until a very old age. I will never forget the birth of little Stefan. This feeling of strength and love in the room after birth impressed me so much that I now live the midwife's dream with full passion. Since 2008 I have been a trained midwife, I have been leading home births in Munich for one year and since 2017 I have been working as a midwife in Switzerland. With acupuncture and homeopathy I can provide additional support for women and in my career as a midwife I have led many courses such as birth preparation, postnatal gymnastic, baby swimming and baby massage. 

The holistic care before, during and after birth is very important to me. 
As a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher, it is a pleasure for me to accompany women before and after birth and I find these two methods perfect complementary to midwifery work.  

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